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cape trail clinic group photo January 2016

Do you want to run faster, with more confidence, and reduced injuries?

gauteng-trail-clinic-full-page-ad-29-30jul2017-600pixels-t22You can enjoy this ideal state by applying the skills you’ll learn at our dynamic two-day trail running clinics around South Africa.

Sound good?

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What are they about?

Our most recent Clinic was at Coetzenburg Centre in Stellenbosch on 5&6 November 2016. We had a blast!

We hosted this clinic with leading running shoe brand Brooks. In Gauteng we typically collaborate with The Sweat Shop (Bedfordview).

Our next Clinic is in Gauteng on 29 & 30 July 2017.

Here’s some of the info from the November 2016 clinic in Stellenbosch to whet your appetite.

Speakers: Nic De Beer, Chris Allan, Deon Braun, Devon Coetzee, Grant Bryant, Heloise Hunter, Kevin Light, and Sean Tait.

Brooks Cascadia 11 mens shoesIf you buy any pair of Brooks shoes from Grant Bryant of RUN Specialist Store during the Clinic, and then win the Brooks Cascadia 12 shoes in the draw at the end, you’ll be refunded for your prize, or you can choose to keep both. Ain’t life sweet?!

Previous clinics

Our first clinics in 2015 were in Durban (July) and Johannesburg (November).

In January 2016 we held our first Cape Town Clinic.

And in June 2016, our second Gauteng Clinic attracted the biggest attendance yet.

In July 2016, we hosted our first Knysna Mini Clinic, to join other first-time trail events at Trail Town, during the Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival.

Sign up to future clinics through a short nine-question survey (it will take no more than two minutes to complete).

And join our 7,000+ recipient email newsletter. It’s easy to unsubscribe at any time should you not want to stay motivated, educated, and excited about trail running!

Trail Clinic Feedback

What attendees said about the November 2016 Clinic in Stellenbosch:

Dit het my verwagtings oortref / It exceeded my expectations.

Hallo Deon.

Jou Afrikaans was so goed Sondag dat ek die vrymoedigheid neem om in Afrikaans te skryf!

Ons sê dat jy is nooit te oud om te leer nie, maar dit het ek die naweek net weer besef, dit is ‘n waarheid.
Ek het met groot verwagting na die kliniek vertrek en in alle opsigte is my verwagtings oortref. Van af die oomblik dat ek daar gekom het tot ek daar gery het was ‘n belewenis.

Dankie vir jul manier om almal welkom en op hul gemak te laat voel, die positiewe energie wat van jou en Heloise af deurkom is fantasties en jul sprekers was absoluut puik. Elkeen het ‘n besondere bydrae tot jul naweek gemaak.
Ek het baie geleer en baie uit dit geneem en my eie doelwitte vir Trail Running het ‘n hupstoot ontvang en mik ek na verseker nuwe groter uitdagings.

Deon jul het verseker ‘n wen resep beet en ‘n great span en ek glo dat jy besig is om mense se lewens te verryk en daarmee baie geluk.

Ek sal nog my gedagtes laat gaan oor voorstelle en vir jou laat weet, op die oomblik geniet ek nog net die lekker van wat ek beleef het. (Don’t read/speak Afrikaans? Sies! But no worries, Google Translate is your friend.)

Lukas Van Vuuren

Peeling the onion, finding good stuff!

Thank you to ALL OF YOU for making the weekend one I will treasure always – I left having learned so much about trail running, my strengths and the areas I can improve in, made new friends/contacts/future besties, connected with very humble heroes (in my opinion) and have also uncovered some deep insights about what motivates me (thank you Kevin Light!). I look forward to many new adventures connecting and engaging with the trails and with some of you too.

Have a fantastic week ahead and see you on a mountain somewhere.

Christine Barrow
North American Academy for Sport Fitness Professionals (NAASFP) Certified Marathon Coach

Inspired to improve my life

Such a great TRAIL magazine #CapeClinic this weekend! So cool to be apart of it, meet new people, and learn from other like-minded individuals. I feel inspired to not only improve my running, but as a person and in life too! Thanks Deon Braun, Heloise Hunter, Nic De Beer, Sean Tait, Chris Allan, Kevin Light, Devon Coetzee, Grant Bryant from RUN, and Brad Player and Dennis Hines from Brooksrunningsa for sharing your passion and knowledge of trail running!

Jan Ham, Jnr

What everyone got:

  • Technical running practical class by ultrarunner Nic De Beer.
  • A strength training class with Devon Coetzee.
  • A personalised shoe assessment from Grant Bryant of RUN Specialist Store if you want to fit Brooks shoes.
  • A group injury prevention class with Chris Allan, with individual strength assessments by runners’ request.
  • Draw into the Brooks trail shoe giveaway (drawn at the awards ceremony on Sunday).
  • Draw into the Addo Elephant Trail Run (44km) giveaway (drawn at the awards ceremony on Sunday).
  • Three issue TRAIL print subscription (worth R150) or three back issues of your choice.
  • A Brooks shoe bag.
  • A carton of delicious Rugani carrot juice.
  • Dirty Boots adventure booklet.
  • Tasty nutritious snacks at the training venue, including smoothies and homemade rice cakes to take with you on our runs, with practical demonstrations to incorporate into your own life.
  • Eye-catching A3 course certificate at the awards presentation on Sunday.
  • Professional-quality photos available to you after the course via Facebook.
  • Knowledge that will save you lots of frustration, injuries, money, and time.
  • You will run faster times after this clinic. Guaranteed.
  • New friends, including really quick trail runners who share what works well for them.


Nic de Beer photo credit Tobias Ginsberg

photo: Tobias Ginsberg/AfricanX

Nic De Beer

To be experienced in something, you often have to succeed and fail in something, you have to make some mistakes and learn from them. With almost 20 years of running experience, Nic understands what is takes to be the best runner that you can be and want to be. Nic is an all-rounder and passionate about both the road and the trail.

He has completed over 200 marathons and ultra marathons, but strangely only two 10km races – he clearly loves the longer stuff. Nic completed his 16th Comrades Marathon in 2016 (6:25) and was selected to represent South Africa at the World Ultra Trail Championships in Portugal on 29 October 2016.

He loves to share his knowledge and has coached numerous athletes to personal bests, from 10km to Comrades to PUFfeR. Even though Nic says he is the worst dancer in the world, he believes that you need to dance with the trail to be a good technical trail runner. Put on those dancing shoes!

devon coetzee cape clinic nov2016 mugshotDevon Coetzee

Exercise physiologist

Devon is a biokineticist based at Beyond Performance Multidisciplinary Sports Injury Centre. His focus is on the strengthening and coaching of runners, as well as rehabilitation of injured athletes. Devon is also currently studying his PhD on running injury, running biomechanics and running footwear.

Devon’s class was one of the most challenging at the first Cape Clinic in January 2016.

He’ll show you how to do the best run-specific strength exercises to improve performance and reduce risk of injury. This will include warm-up drills and dynamic stretching.

So kids, brace yourself for a power session that covers all aspects of conditioning!

sean tait cape clinic nov2016 mugshotSean Tait

Sports scientist and coach

Sean is a sports scientist, coach, Off the Mark founder and owner, and regular TRAIL magazine columnist. He’s not downplaying his talents when he says Off the Mark’s aim is to train athletes to run correctly. The idea to coach athletes to do something so general, yet so largely neglected in training programmes across all sporting fraternities, came about when Sean attended an XLR8 course. This taught him what made some athletes so fast. XLR8 is a New Zealand-based course designed for coaches and athletes, to train them to move more efficiently across all sporting codes.

Sean has completed numerous half marathons and a full marathon, and has a sub 40 minute 10km. He has a passion to compete in running, cycling, and triathlon. At the clinic, Sean will teach on training programmes and technique, in both the classroom and the track.

chris allan cape clinic nov2016 mugshotChris Allan


Chris will share his knowledge to help you with injury prevention and recovery. He has a Masters degree in sports physiotherapy, doing research on patellofemoral (knee and thigh) pain in runners.

This is where it gets good. Although Chris treats all sports injuries, he has a special interest in trail running and mountain biking!

He treats the likes of Ryan Sandes, Kane Reilly, and Linda Doke. Chris works from Velocity Sports Lab in Hout Bay.

He’s an avid trail runner (he’s run four PUFfeRs, the Skyrun, eight Hout Bay trail runs, and in 2014 was part of the team that ran the Table Mountain Trail Challenge course seven times in seven days to raise money for Miles for Smiles.) Be prepared to be blown away!

Grant Bryant mugshotGrant Bryant

Grant owns RUN Specialist Store, and will do the Brooks shoe fit along with Brad Player from Brooks.

You may know Grant from his time at The Sweat Shop.

He has diplomas in Personal Fitness Training, nutrition, counselling, and certificates as a Sports Manager, in Sports Management and Fitness Science, and Massage for Sports and Fitness.

Kevin Light

Leadership consulting, ultra-trail running, food and wine loving adventurer, who believes that if you think well about it you can do it

kevin-light Cape Trail ClinicKevin writes the back page of TRAIL mag. He runs trails to listen and think, to get away from the world which rewards conformity, and closer to the meaning of life.

His job as a consultant and coach in business performance, organisational effectiveness and leadership development has taken him across Africa, Europe, and the UK. On these travels he runs trails which he has loved long before it became a colour-coordinated trend. He is passionate about keeping it simple.

Kevin will share his experience of this year’s Marathon des Sables, including his preparation by running sections of the Ugandan Nile, the NYC Marathon barefoot, and the Thames River from source to mouth. He will also offer some kit tips on how to keep it light and simple.

deon braun cape clinic nov2016 mugshotDeon Braun

Life hacker, agent of change

TRAIL magazine’s founder is not one to follow the crowd. Outspoken in his views, he will demonstrate how you can achieve optimal nutrition to fuel your efforts and energy in daily life, and on the trail, with simple, cost-effective changes you can implement immediately.

He’ll reference several of the best nutrition-focused and fitness lifestyle books and online resources available to give you a broad overview of where nutrition is, and where he believes it’s headed. Get a headstart on the next wave of nutrition. He is confident that you will leave with a changed perspective on health, wellness, and what you eat.

heloise hunter cape clinic nov2016 mugshotHeloise Hunter

TRAIL magazine assistant editor

On her Twitter profile, Heloise describes herself as a book reader, tree climber, trail runner, and feminist. She also knows a lot about hydration systems, due to being a keen hiker acutely aware of staying hydrated on her hikes in the Drakensberg.

She also bakes up a storm, and is the ideal speaker to talk about creating practical, delicious portable snacks for your next trail adventure.

Scroll down for the itinerary.

Cape Trail Clinic 5-6 November 2016

Day 1

Saturday 5 November 2016

6:30am Registration opens (please note we’ve decided to open registration earlier to get the wheels turning sooner.)

6:45am Take seats. Deon, Heloise, and Jaco welcome you. A fun ‘introduce yourself’ session. Everyone shares a few insights about themselves. (20min)

7:05am Start: Deon gives brief overview of the course and Day One’s speakers. (5min)

7:10am Brief Brooks video and brand intro with Brad Player of Brooks Running. Brooks trail shoe demo and fitting with Grant Bryant of RUN Specialist Store. (50min)

8am Short break (5min)

8:05am Heloise introduces Sean Tait who talks on maximising your training. (60min)

9:05am Gear up, warm up. (10min)

9:15am Outdoor coaching session with Sean Tait. (90min)

10:45am Return to venue, towel down, change of clothing if required/tracksuits. (10min)

10:55am Nic De Beer shares how he trains for races, including his win at the 76km Addo Elephant Trail Runs in 2015 and 2016. He includes his race slideshow plus techniques for our uphill/downhill running session in next session. (30min)

11:25am Get outside. Do warm-up drills, then run/walk/talk for technique tips with Nic and team, with tried-and-tested techniques. Emphasis on technique, not distance or time run. (90min)

12:55am Return to lecture room, towel down, change of clothing if required, eat lunch. (30min)

1:25pm TRAIL magazine’s Heloise Hunter teaches you how to make rice cakes and coconut/oat/date balls in a practical, fun session. (60 min)

2:25pm Q&A with any of the experts. (20 min)

2:45pm Group photos. (10min)

2:55pm Go home to absorb what you’ve learned – and recover!

Day 2

Sunday 6 November 2016

7am Take seats, intro by Deon Braun, one book review.

7:10am Heloise Hunter talks about hydration packs, and other options to stay hydrated on your adventures. Bring your existing packs for the team to check your fitting and suggest minor adjustments. (45min)

8am Move to floor for Devon Coetzee strength training (60min)

9am Towel down. (10min)

9:10am Snacks, coffee, and chats. (30min)

9:40am Chris Allan talks on injuries, preventions, cures. (60min)

10:40am Short break. (5min)

10:45am Kevin Light on his 2016 Marathon des Sables, with a focus on motivation and kit lessons, and how you can apply that to your running. (60min)

11:45am Short break. (5min)

11:50am Deon Braun on how to optimise your nutrition with wholefood eating, and introduce you to lesser-known foods that pack a wholesome punch. (60min)

12:50pm Presentation of certificates. Draw for Brooks shoes winner (value R2,199) and Addo Elephant Trail Run 44km event entry. (20min)

1:10pm Deon Braun and Heloise Hunter thank sponsors and speakers. (10min)

1:20pm Close. Socialise. Hugs. Crying. Laughing. Be inspired. Happy trails!

2pm Optional 5-10km run on Stellenbosch trails with TRAIL crew.

cape trail clinic 2015 group photo shot

trail clinic gauteng 2015 group

The crazy fun Gauteng Trail Clinic posse in November 2015. Speakers in front row, and delegates and Brooks team standing. Yeehaa!

brooks gauteng clinic fitting puregrit 4


591x472 Calf stretch trail clinics campsWhy do our Clinics?

TRAIL’s Clinics help you improve your overall trail running experience – and your life – through theory and fun practical sessions with expert trail runners and affiliates. You fast-track your trail running learning, and enhance your enjoyment of it.

Who are these Clinics for?

For anyone who wants to learn how to improve their trail running – from newbies who can walk or run 10km and are looking to move onto 20km runs, to intermediates who are handling 15km runs and are wanting to make the jump to technical and tough 20km+ runs – and beyond.

Money-back guarantee Clinics CampsCosts

R2,400. We cap classes at 25 to keep the coaching personal and effective. Bookings open in January 2017.

Need more info?

  • SMS Deon Braun 082 377 4669
  • Email
  • Online Follow TRAILza on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date.


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