Evans takes shock XTERRA Knysna victory

Evans takes shock XTERRA Knysna victory

South African mountain bike marathon champion Kevin Evans obliterated the field yesterday when he completed the DUESOUTH XTERRA Knysna presented by REHIDRAT in an impressive time of 01:39:24.

According to Evans his feet surprised him on the day. “Although running is part of my cross training, it’s definitely not my strong suit. Going into the event my plan was to keep the guys insight on the first 3km run and then build as big a lead as possible on the mountain bike discipline. Living close by, I am familiar with all the mountain bike routes in the surrounding area. On the last run discipline I was able to pace myself, reserving my energy for the last part of the race. XTERRA is such a fantastic event and I am glad that I was able to take part. It is spectator friendly and I was pleasantly surprised at the support on the day. Coming from a mountain bike background this is something that I am not use it. It really is special. I hope to be in the country next year this time as I’d love to compete again,” says Evans. David Labuschagne came in second, while Kent Horner finished third.

Hanlie Booyens was victorious in the women’s category when she completed the action packed event in an impressive time of 01:59:18. According to Booyens, she is really happy with her performance as she was just hoping for a top five position. “The first run discipline was the toughest part of the event as it was really fast. I knew that I had to use the mountain bike discipline as my means of making up on lost time. Pezula is such an unbelievable venue and the weather on the day was fantastic. All in all it was a wonderful event,” says Booyens. Michelle Lombardi came in second, while Jeannie Bomford finished third.

Team Oakhill 2 obtained a first place in the men’s team category when they crossed the finish line in a deserving time of 01:39:27. Team Rainbow Warriors came in second, while Team Perde finished third. The Golden Oldies obtained a first place in the women’s team category when they crossed the finish line in 02:29:40. Team French Hoekers came second.  Team ‘On Your Bike’ managed an impressive first place position in the mixed team category.

DUESOUTH XTERRA Knysna is the only XTERRA event that does not feature a water discipline. Athletes could  participate individually or in teams of two and had to complete a 3km trail run, 25km mountain bike and 7km trail run . Athletes that were not yet ready for the challenge of the full event could take on the Lite which was made up of a 3km trail run, 12km mountain bike and 3km trail run.

The second leg of the 2010/2011 DUESOUTH XTERRA presented by REHIDRAT® will take place at Buffelspoort Dam (North West) on Saturday, 29 January 2011.


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