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Now that you’ve taken the time to click onto this page, possibly quite randomly, I’d like to meet you halfway between your experience and my own experience of the multisport lifestyle. Fact is, what we refer to as multiSPORT not really SPORT at all. It’s a mindset. A multi-activity mindset.
And it’s a mindset I plan to be developing every year of my life, including 2011. I believe it’s going to be an exceptionally stimulating year! I hope you’ll achieve your dreams for it – if you’ve planned any.

Just today I read something that challenged me – no – it affirmed a quality that I have seen in the People Who Make Things Happen. The Mothers of Four who climb mountains. The Family Men who row across oceans. The People who quit their jobs to pursue their dreams, no matter how obscure they seem at first. They know where they’re going, even if the rest of the world thinks they’re completely stupid to risk everything on a dream.

The statement that impressed me most in all my reading today was “It is the movement that gives you the power.”

It appeared as the central theme in Scott Cundill’s Majestic Interactive company e-zine. In it, he asked: “Are you waiting for enough money before starting or growing your business? Will you only stop smoking on a particular date? Are you waiting to finish studying before taking that overseas trip? If so, you are waiting to accumulate the power before you take action and this is NOT the right way of doing it. You have to begin the process NOW – slowly but surely. Each move you make will generate the momentum you need to make it real.”

Albert Einstein famously said “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
To paraphrase, if your life needs change, don’t bark up the same old tree, you old dog. You’ve got to be pragmatic, step back, blend several solutions if necessary.

For me, health is wealth. It’s the ultimate gold. That’s why we Go Multi. I trust that you will have more and more of The Movement in 2011 through mixing your sports! Don’t wait for the power, just go for it.

Deon Braun aka The Mindset Developer



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The founder of Go Multi and TRAIL magazines has a 100% dedication to health and fitness and communicating that to the tribe that resonates to it. Both publications are simply vehicles to get the good health message out there and make the immediate world a better and happier place. If it's an adventure under a big sky, chances are Deon's going to try it at some stage. He's cycled, paddled, run and swum since 1982 and believes that we should continue to improve our training and fitness skills no matter how the years advance. Sport standouts in his short life so far include winning the 2011 Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race, finishing despite bloodied feet at the 2011 Abu Dhabi International Triathlon after running barefoot over 60m of desert-baked paving, running the debut Dodo Ultra Trail Run in Mauritius, starting and finishing all but one of the Otter African Trail Runs to date and surviving five days and six stages of the 2003 Eden Cycle Tour.


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