Sports Science Institute goes digital

SSISA goes digital

With research showing that over 3.7 million South Africans interact daily on Facebook, and that well over 1.5 million Tweets are generated by South Africa monthly, it is clear that the digital platform is where we need to be communicating.  With this in mind, the Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA) is proud to launch its brand new website, which is heavily geared towards substantial interaction on social media forums.
Our platform will be our user-friendly website, which offers visitors one-stop access to valuable information about our extensive range of experts, latest research studies, information and opinion from our leading sports scientists in the form of blogs and media posts and regular updates about new workshops and programmes. In addition, you can follow informative and inspiring blogs of members on their health, fitness and sporting progress.

The SSISA’s mission is to optimise the sporting performance and health of all South Africans through the execution, dissemination and application of science. In the past, there has been a conception that the SSISA is the exclusive domain of the elite. While it is true that when visiting us, or training on our programmes, there is a chance of bumping into international sporting heroes, we cater for individuals of all shapes, ages and sizes, with needs varying from getting off the couch and losing weight, to starting a new sport or striving to reach the next level in their chosen sport.

One of our key differentiators at the SSISA, is that the UCT/MRC Research Unit for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine (ESSM), headed up by Professor Tim Noakes, forms an integral part of our brand. ESSM is engaged in world-class research related to sporting performance and health. This unit ensures that our programmes and services are cutting edge and evidence-based, so those who engage with us, can rest assured that they will be in safe, highly credible and professional hands.

The SSISA is a collection of leaders in their respective fields of health, wellness and performance. Given this diverse range of high quality services, opinions and thought leaders, it is a logical step to create a single platform that caters to the SSISA’s mission of disseminating science to all South Africans.
Visit us today on; “like us” on Facebook, follow us on Twitter on @sportscience_sa and let us “bring science to life” for you! Talk with us, interact with us, train alongside us and hopefully we can improve your quality of life and make what seemed impossible, possible.


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