Cancer sufferer Fran Venter’s road to London part 2

Fran’s road to London

Virgin Active employee Fran Venter (product and training manager) will be running the London Marathon for Charity (Ma’Afika Tikkun) on 17 April. What makes Fran’s story different is she has been diagnosed with lung, liver and brain cancer and will be running the race despite the illness. She has just completed her chemo treatment and has been training really hard to achieve her fitness goals. In a series of blog posts, Fran will be updating you on her progress every two days leading up to the race.


Tuesday 5 April:
My energy levels are a bit low at the moment and I’m starting to get a slight cold. I thought I’d play it safe so instead of doing the 15km run I had planned, I did an 8km run instead. My priority at the moment is to stay healthy. I will increase the amount of vitamins I’m currently taking and up my fresh fruit intake. All in all, everything is still on track.

Wednesday 6 April:
Tonight I had another session with Heinrich the Terrible – that’s my new name for him. Again, he showed no mercy. Tonight’s session consisted of a lot of leg strength especially all forms of lunges, backward, sideways, forwards on the bench on a bosu with a kettlebell – very creative guy, which will definitely benefit me during the marathon.

Friday 8 April:
Well, it’s now another week closer to the big day. In terms of training, it’s been an average week with two hard strength sessions and two very good road sessions. I had to skip one running session due to slow recovery. But the great news is that all the little aches and pains were taken care of by Benita de Witt, she is an amazing Physiotherapist. I am now well on my way to a good run in London.

The excitement is starting to set in! This weekend will see the final logistical planning taking place as I prepare to leave on Tuesday.


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