Triathlon beginner Ceejae Miller, Part Seven

Numbers, numbers, numbers

7 weeks of training

36 exercise sessions

7 minutes off my 5km

100kms PLUS have been accumulated on a bike

50kms on my BRAND new road bike (which I bought on Thursday last week)

R9600 spent on new equipment (goggles, road bike and tri suit)


We are seven weeks into the 12 week TRI-Fit programme at SSISA and EVERYTHING has become numbers to me. I don’t just run now… with every kilometre I am watching my average speed, calculating the time I should finish my run in.

With every cycle, I am counting the revolutions of my legs, getting my brain into a rhythm to pace me up those hills.

With every tumble turn I am taking the seconds of the lengths, calculating what I should be averaging per kilometre.

To you this may sound exhausting, but to me… I am in my element!

I have always LOVED maths and numbers, and now I have combined my newly found passion with a passion of the past! I get excited when I challenge my brain with numbers, and now with this TRI-Fit programme, I am not only challenging my body, but my mind is getting a work out too!

This weekend is the Freshpak Fitness Festival in Clainwilliam where I will be participating in my first REAL Triathlon. 800m swim, 20km cycle and 5km run. The nerves are starting to kick in… I have calculated that I will be racing for approximately two hours, if not longer! This is a LONG time to be racing especially for someone who didn’t run or cycle seven weeks ago!

I am very lucky however that I have some amazing friends who will be doing this race with me on Saturday!

It so happens to be my 27th birthday next Tuesday, 9 October, so we have made this triathlon a birthday weekend celebration. Not only will I be celebrating my 9,861 days on this beautiful planet, but I will be celebrating my new found lifestyle. I have gone from an ex-dancer who would perform the occasional hike up Lion’s head, to a fitness fanatic who trains six times a week because she wants to. When the choice arose to go out drinking for my birthday or to do a camping weekend away which also included a triathlon, the decision was easy!

I cannot thank TRI-Fit enough for the exciting change it has made in my life! Here’s to a successful and enjoyable weekend ahead, and to 9,861 more days of this new found fitness regime!

Have a super week!



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