Triathlon beginner Ceejae Miller, Part Nine

It’s not what you know…

This past week was another first for me… I had to take Sade for its first service (yes… that’s right… I’ve named my road bike… don’t judge!). Two weeks ago when I bought my racer from Cycle Lab in Westlake I received the most awesome service from Dylan and his wonderful staff. Not only were they helpful but spoke to me in “novice cyclist” terminology and even invited me to join their beginners cyclist programme. Cycle Lab Westlake really was an awesome experience! Unfortunately… Not all cycle shops are the same.

On Wednesday this past week I took Sade for its first service at a well known cycle shop near my work. I was greeted with grumpy staff who made me feel like they were doing me a favour taking my bike in. I explained to the receptionist that my front gears had locked during the race last weekend, but I knew it’s from the stretching of the cables. My bike was taken in and I was told to fetch it the next day.

When fetching my bike on Thursday I was unpleasantly surprised. Firstly I was charged with a cleaning fee, which seemed ridiculous considering my bike is two weeks old and has been ridden three times… AND IT’S A ROAD BIKE so it doesn’t get dirty very easily!
Secondly, while I was waiting for my receipt I decided to test my bike and I’m glad I did… It hadn’t been fixed! The front gears still weren’t working! When I approached the manager he tried to use some big terminology for the reason why it wasn’t working even though he assured me the bike was serviced. I wonder if a professional cyclist had walked into the shop using the correct cycling terminology they would have treated both the bike and the client any differently?

I may not be a professional cyclist, nor do I know a lot about bikes and cycling: I may use the wrong cycling terminology at times but I do know and work with those professionals who do! This week I am working at the bridge Cape Pioneer Trek MTB race and so happen to be treating some of the top cyclists. The cyclists themselves are such wonderful and friendly people, it’s a pity that not all cycle shops follow suit. Cycling is a sport I am new to but so thoroughly enjoy and am trying to get more friends involved in this sport but its so difficult when the knowledgable people in the sport (not including the actual professionals) are so unhelpful.

This experience will definitely not detour my new found love of cycling, in future though, I will just drive the extra few kilometres and go to the stores with the awesome staff.

Have an amazing week and don’t let anything or anyone bring you down!

All the way from a beautiful Oudtshoorn with an amazing atmosphere and awesome cyclists…


Ps… When I grow up I want to cycle as well as Yolande Speedy.

Ceejae is part of SSISA’s TRI-Fit triathlon beginner training programme


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