Five easy ways to maintain your MTB

Maintaining your mountain bike is ultra important if you want to enjoy the sport and not be stuck with a mechanical on the side of the trail. Here are five easy ways to maintain your MTB.

Keep your bike clean
This sounds obvious but it’s key. Keeping your machine clean will ensure a longer lifespan of all working parts which will reduce your maintenance costs in the long run. I use the Powersol range of products to take care of my bike. They’re in all the local bike and outdoor shops. Make sure whatever you use is widely available. This way, even if you’re in a foreign town you will be able to get your preferred bike cleaning products and maintain your bike properly.

Lube chain and working parts with relevant lube
Keep all working parts lubed as this will keep them operating smoothly and increase the lifespan. Friction on working parts can actually cost you power in a race which is less than ideal. I use Finish Line wet lube which has a green lid. It’s been proven in the toughest of conditions and keeps the chain running smoothly for a good few rides. There is nothing worse than a squealing chain.

Check brake discs and pads
Don’t lean disc rotors against a wall. They can warp if impacted against objects and this will increase friction and make a noise while riding. If you put your bike in a box to travel, always take the rotors off the wheels. This will take five minutes but will save you time trying to straighten them on arrival at your destination. If you put your bike in your car and take your wheels off always put the wheels in rotor side up. When you hit a speed bump and your bike jumps in the boot, the rotors won’t land on your frame.

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