Enjoy The Beach, Stay Fit These Holidays

Train like a lifeguardWhile you might want to relax on the beach on holiday, you also want to enter 2014 healthy and fit, don’t you?

You’re away from home, possibly without bike, surfski, maybe even without your running shoes. How will you possibly train?

How about maximising your holiday and getting a workout like a lifeguard at the same time?

What you’ll need

Swimsuit, goggles and a bright coloured cap (for visibility in the water)


1 Hit the beach running. A good warm-up run along a stretch of coastline gives you time to enjoy the environment while scanning the beach and ocean for a safe training area (STA).

What to look for when choosing your STA:

  • Beach hazards. Be aware of litter. Recent storms will 
wash up ocean debris.
Swim within the demarcated zones. Stay within lifeguards’ red and yellow flags and avoid marked “No Swimming” areas.
  • Use common sense on any beach, whether it’s an isolated one or in a city. Early morning and late evening sessions mean less people around to help you. They have also historically been good times to become a shark attack statistic. 2011 was not a good year for human-shark PR, no matter how much you love the graceful fish.

2 Keep the set fluid and focus on fun. Incorporate body-weight exercises creatively along with random sets of beach sprints to get your heart rate up. The main set can be a run-swim-run brick.

3 A circuit for ultimate lifeguard fitness. Run 300m along the beach, head 100m out to sea, swim across for another 100m and then head back before sprinting another 300m. Repeat as often as you want.

Result? Return from your holiday looking lean and ripped and ready to take on the new year with a vengeance!

Originally published in January/February 2012 issue 51.


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