Eksteen and van Huyssteen win Impi Challenge Cape Town

The air was electric at Lievland Wine Estate and Wiesenhof Legacy Park (Stellenbosch) on Saturday 5 April 2014 when the best of the best gathered to take on the much anticipated IMPI Elite Race.  IMPI Gauteng winners, Claude Eksteen (North Beach, KZN) and Carla Van Huyssteen (Pietermaritsburg) claimed victory in the men’s and women’s IMPI Elite Race in impressive times of 01hour47minutes50seconds and 02hours05minutes25seconds respectively.

Claude Eksteen (North Beach, KZN) claimed gold at the IMPI Elite Race at Lievland Wine Estate and Wiesenhof Legacy Park (Stellenbosch) on Saturday 5 April.  Photo ~ Cherie Vale / NEWSPORT MEDIA

Claude Eksteen (North Beach, KZN) claimed gold at the IMPI Elite Race at Lievland Wine Estate and Wiesenhof Legacy Park (Stellenbosch) on Saturday 5 April. Photo ~ Cherie Vale / NEWSPORT MEDIA

“Today was awesome,” said a very happy Eksteen.  “IMPI Cape Town is definitely tougher, features more steep climbs as well as a real trail run route.  The obstacles are similar to IMPI Gauteng, but the terrain is much harder.  This is by far the best obstacle race course that I’ve done to date.  The IMPI Challenge is something different, but the biggest draw card is the atmosphere.  The event is relaxed and fun, while being an awesome challenge.  I’ll definitely be taking part in the IMPI Elite Race in Gauteng in September and Cape Town in October”.  Christiaan Greyling came in second, while Matthew Daneel finished third.

According to Van Huyssteen, competition was tough in the women’s Elite Race.  “Chantel Nienaber was pushing me the whole time.  Just when I thought I could take it easy, I’d catch a glimpse of Chantel behind me.  I kept reminding myself to push it as Chantel is a fighter.  The IMPI Cape Town features a hard run, with naturally hard obstacles, but the nice thing about this event is that the obstacles are doable and a lot of fun.   I am really proud about today’s win and am looking forward to IMPI Gauteng, followed by another IMPI Cape Town later this year”.   Chantel Nienaber came in second, while Dominique De Oliveira finished third.

After the excitement of the IMPI Elite Race, over 2000 everyday adventure enthusiasts got an opportunity to test their skills at the IMPI Challenge Cape Town.

Event Information:
Combining trail running with an adventure style obstacle course, there are four structures to choose from when entering the IMPI Challenge.

·                 Traditional IMPI Challenge:  Conquer 18 obstacles over 10 – 12km
·                 IMPI Dash – Compacted Challenge:  Families have the chance to compete together.  The course will be 5 – 7km with 12 obstacles (ages 10 – 15 years, all adults welcome).
·                 IMPI Elite:  The course will be 15 – 20km with 25 tough obstacles.
·                 IMPI Mini:  This mini course will be around 1km and feature smaller versions of some of our favourite obstacles (ages 6 – 10 years, all adults welcome).

The race categories cater for a variety of athletes, from elite sportspersons, competent and beginner runners and families looking for a fun experience.  Participants can enter individually or as part of a team (teams vary in size from 2 – 10 people, although team members start together, they do not need to finish together).

Best Dressed:  One of the many highlights of the IMPI Challenge, IMPIs are encouraged to let creativity reign.  The best dressed individual and/or team stand the chance to win awesome prizes compliments of our sponsors.

Like their Facebook page:  Impi Challenge
Follow on Twitter:  @impichallenge

Community Support:
The IMPI Challenge supports the Woodside Special Care Centre, a private residential home for intellectually and physically disabled children and young adults.  Established in 1976 the Woodside Special Care Centre offers a wide range of services designed to promote the development of each of its children.

The IMPI Challenge is calling on all participants to support the SHOE POWER initiative.  Donate your slightly worn running shoes to this project.  We will ensure that the shoes are cleaned and delivered to a local beneficiary.

For more information on the IMPI Challenge contact 076 772 3735, email info@impichallenge.co.za or visit impichallenge.co.za


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