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Please note: When you buy the 300g tub, the drop shadow is not included

Please note: When you buy the 300g tub, the drop shadow is not included

In my time, I’ve not tested a powdered organic supplement (or any supplement, for that matter) with as wide a range of ingredients as Good Green Stuff. And there have been more than a few.

It has over 70 high quality organic ingredients – and the packaging says it also contains hundreds of other vital ingredients (including minerals, vitamins and probiotics).

The list ranges from the common (the vitamin groups for example), to the good-to-have (pea protein, ginger, spinach, licorice root, milk thistle extract) to the exotic and wonderful (ashwagandah, gotu kola, shiitake mushroom, Bifidobacterium, bilberry extract).

Here’s the full ingredient list.

It packs 24g of plant protein, 28g of carb, 11g fat and 17g of dietary fibre per 100g. That’s potent, although it’s the micronutrients you’re really after, not the three macronutrients. Get those from your standard ‘real’ food. Good Green Stuff is the icing on top, so to speak.

It’s not a powder you’re going to chug like you would a protein supplement.

Vegan and free from gluten, dairy and GMO additives, it is developed and manufactured in Nuzest’s home base of New Zealand and Australia. The 300g tub provides 30 servings (using two heaped teaspoons per serving).

nuzest good green stuff benefit tableOver a period of six weeks, I added it to a range of our foods, including smoothies, as well as drinking it neat with water.

The taste? Unique. Delicious. Added to smoothies or to Nuzest’s Clean Lean Protein (available in chocolate, vanilla, cappuccino, natural and strawberry), our testers separately picked up liquorice, pineapple and cream soda flavours. We also added it to 32Gi’s new pea protein and carb Recovery powder and it was equally delicious. Its price tag means it will be out of the reach of some but you could stretch the tub to two months by taking every other day or reducing the serving to one teaspoon a day.

It’s impossible to gauge whether a single product can make a difference without locking a human test rat in a lab for a few years, but my continued good health seemed to be heightened. Placebo effect probably… it’s said that when you focus on good health, it is drawn to you, but it was good knowing that my proverbial sports car was getting the best fuel possible.

The flavour and that impressive list of ingredients has sold me. I’ve decided to continue using GGS.

Disclosure: The first tub was a test sample but I’ve been buying since.



Sales, distribution and dealer enquiries
Bridget Minnie 084 260 2147 (update: Bridget is no longer selling the range, and there is no SA agency as of Dec 2016) (the agency closed for business in late 2016) (international site)


Price for TRAIL and Go Multi readers

R215 (10 sachets), R1 090 (600g tub), R1 725 (1kg tub)

(Pricing as at November 2014)



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