Rush Bar Training Bar review

There’s a definite swing to take diet back to basics and top of the list in the sport nutrition field must be sport bars.

We like it that Rush Bar’s Training Bar focuses on no-frills nutrition

The public appetite for synthetic-tasting, plastic-smelling and rubbery-feeling slabs of colourant-laden putty of dubious origin is waning – and good riddance.

Some of the big players have already launched bars and there seems to be plenty of room for the newcomers.

Rush Bar Training Bar

The 20-bar box packaging is similarly minimalist and completely recycleable

Rush Bar are Cape Town-based and their distinguishing mark is that all their bars are handmade. They offer two 50g options, the vegetarian (but not vegan) Endurance Bar and Training Bar. That means no animal products apart from honey (raw honey is heated to bind the ingredients, so by default the ingredients are warmed, not cooked). There is no dairy or eggs.

The Training Bar is made from raw organic cacao, maca root, hemp powder, camu camu, cinnamon, ground raw almonds and raw rolled oats. On first bite, there’s the definite taste of dates and almonds. If you know the taste of hemp powder, you might just pick it up too.

Both this bar and the similar-looking Endurance Bar are chewy but not in the sense of toffee, more like muesli grainy-chewy. The bar crumbles easily while being chewed, which means it will also break into fragments in a back pocket if you’re not careful.

The no-frills cellophane packet tears easily enough. For the analysts, two Training bars (100g) provide 1,283kJ, 10g protein, 30g carbs, 16g fat/oils and nearly 13g dietary fibre. The Endurance Bar packs a little extra energy (1,525kJ) and add organic chia, quinoa, mesquite and spirulina to the mix. Free from preservatives, gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs and refined sugar.

We’re all for the New Age of Bars, hooray.

R360 for box of 20 bars online or R17.50 a bar in selected Dis-Chem stores

Reviewer Deon Braun


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