Turbovite Whiz-Fizz review

This effervescent powder is a good morning drink to charge your body with micro-nutrients as it’s starting up for another testing day. I drank the orange flavour for three weeks, and found it extremely pleasant on the palate.

Turbovite Whiz-Fizz sachets are convenient to take along on multi-day trips and events

Turbovite Whiz-Fizz sachets are convenient to take along on multi-day trips and events

Over the years I’ve learned that the best way for me to remain cold- and flu-free is to stay hydrated. Example: I did a 90 minute morning paddle and that afternoon a 70 minute trail run, for some reason not drinking much at all. The next morning I woke with a headache and sensed my immune system was under attack. After I had taken in enough fluid (including a Whiz-Fizz), the headache subsided and I was back on track.

More than a flavoured way to remain hydrated, Whiz-Fizz is touted as a body and mind energy booster.

And that where the only two things I am not made about come into play.

First, each 8g sachet contains 5g of fructose.

Second, there’s 50mg of anhydrous caffeine. I prefer my body to wake itself up at its own pace without either sugar or caffeine. However, for you, that may be the very reason to use it either to kick-start your morning or later in the day.

What I really do like about Whiz-Fizz is that it includes ginkgo biloba (for memory improvement, alertness and concentration), ginseng (for mental alertness, blood circulation and immune response) and vitamin C. It also contains four B vitamins (including B12), magnesium, calcium and just 80kJ in energy.

It may also be significant to you that there are no preservatives, sucrose or artificial colourants.

Recommended for people who want performance from their days, especially mornings.

R89 for pack of 20 sachets



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