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FEAT, Fascinating Expedition & Adventure Talks, is an annual evening of time-limited presentations and the sixth edition takes place on Thursday 2 November 2014.

Here’s how it works: Each presenter speaks for seven minutes; no more, no less. They can be accompanied by slide and/or video images. Although the speakers are invited because of their achievements, presentation themes focus on an aspect of their expedition – not the entire extended expedition. With stories of adventures on land, water and in the air, you will be enthralled.

Created by adventure racer and writer Lisa de Speville, FEAT brings South Africa’s adventurers together. “Most people would love to embark on an expedition; but most are tied to ‘real life’ so they settle for feeding this desire with organised sporting events,” she says.

“It takes a different, special kind of courage and drive to abandon socially accepted norms (day job, family, home) to set off – often solo – on self-motivated and self-organised expeditions. Whether the adventure involves oceans, countries, continents, rivers or mountains, these achievements are extraordinary. I’ve yet to meet a person who is not captivated by tales of adventure.”

Through these Talks, FEAT aims to publicise the achievements of South African adventurers. Be inspired by their feats.

FEAT is organised by Lisa de Speville and supported by numerous sponsors & partners and adventurous speakers, who make these evening possible.

New additions to FEAT include FEAT Award, introduced in 2011, and FEAT Canada, which is organised by Sean Verret (first event held in Nov 2011). The first mini-FEAT events were held in South Africa during November 2013.

More info and related article can be found at featsa.co.za

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