CW-X Men’s PRO shorts review

CW-X Conditioning Wear: Men’s PRO shorts review.

CW-X Pro Mens short webDo you finish some of your runs feeling like a bus ran over your legs?

That aching sensation for the next day (or three) after big efforts is the result of microscopic tears in the muscle and joint tissue.

Even highly trained athletes get it when they reach a new level of effort. They have their limits after all.

Some athletes (representing the whole range from weekend warrior to elite) swear that compression clothing reduces their muscular soreness.

Others are lukewarm about compression and feel it gives them little or no benefit.

I’m definitely in the former group.

I’ve found that (for me at least) calf compression from a reputable brand (and properly fitted to ensure the minimum required pressure) is essential for any runs over 20km – or else injury is a distinct possibility.

Similarly, compression shorts are a good way to protect quads and hamstrings from the ravages of muscle vibration, which will possibly reduce that dead, numb feeling you’d normally get after hard efforts.

Just think what your body goes through after running down the side of mountains for a few hours.

Everyone is different and you have choices: the CW-X Men’s Pro tights are one several different configurations of the company’s highly researched Kinesio Support Web system.

The placement of the compression fabric gives added support to muscles, ligaments and joints in key areas, with different levels of pressure.

The PRO shorts (Style 240805) are unpadded and can be worn on their own or under running shorts (preferably without a liner, to maximise comfort and range of motion).

After approximately 20 runs over 30 minutes each in the PRO short, I feel it will be best worn in cool to cold conditions, as an under-layer. I’d recommend the PRO shorts always be worn under shorts and not on their own. There is no padding or substantially thick material in the crotch area, so for modesty’s sake my personal take is that it’s best to run with them under shorts. And when you do that, you definitely feel how the heat builds in summer, as your thigh muscles start generating heat minutes into a run session.

There is no creep on the lower leg if sizing is done correctly. I have tested another brand’s shorts just a size too big in the past and the downward slide after just a few kays showed me how critical sizing is.

For my typical runner’s build, the fit is flawless. The support around the hip joint and gluteus maximus is rock solid without being constrictive. I feel like I’m ready for serious running when I’m wearing them.

It’s a long upper thigh length and if sized correctly will stop just above the knee. It’s not a duathlon or cycling-inspired short, because the support is supposed to work along the full length of the quad and hamstrings. A triathlon version is available and will launch in South Africa in September 2015.

Longs are not always practical for training/racing, so I’d use these top quality Coolmax® shorts in conjunction with calf compression and then wear compression longs for  recovery and travel.

Here are a few comments from the Run Like a Girl all-girl sports team, sponsored by South African CW-X distributors Contour Sports. The team participated in the 2014 ELB Extreme Challenge to raise fund for St Vincent School for the Deaf.

“The support web helped to maintain my posture when my muscles fatigued and the kit comes in great colours too!” Michelle Mee

“I’ve never run in specialised kit like this before.I was super comfortable in the tights and CW-X Compression socks whichhelped with my recovery as well as throughout the endurance event. I really thought I was going to take more strain but my legs were able to take the over load of the multi-day event. I was surprised at how quickly I recovered each time and was able to get out and run on each rotation.” Yolande Maclean

“The CW-X shorts give great support to the hips, hamstrings and quads. I found with the added support and compression I was able to run faster and at less effort as my body did not have to over compensate for any weak muscles.” Kirsty Standing



Price R1,050 (Feb 2015)

Sizes S-XL

Mass 226g

Colour Black/Grey/Blue stitching

Fabric A: Support panels – 80% nylon and 20% Lycra®. B: The thinner body of the tights is 80% Coolmax® polyester and 20% Lycra®

Available, the Natural Runner (Gauteng) and specialist dealers.


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