CW-X Ladies PRO 3/4 Length tights

CW-X Ladies PRO tightsCW-X’s patented Kinesio Support Web system is more noticeable in these Conditioning Wear Ladies Pro 3/4 Length tights than in their Pro shorts.

The company says their system helps condition the body properly during training by stabilising and holding the body’s systems in the right way so that muscles can perform what they were designed to do. “Traditional compression just holds everything tight,” says SA distributor Roger Bown.

Kinesio Support Web is essentially an overlapping ‘X’, with one of its wings running from the outside of the leg to the inside and vice versa for the other panel. These support panels are built with 80% nylon and 20% Lycra®. The thinner body of the tights around the X is made from 80% Coolmax® polyester and 20% Lycra®.

As with the men’s Pro tights (also manufactured in Thailand), a 70mm x 55mm inner pocket will stow a small set of keys or an access card. The 3/4 tights will be most suited to a runner wanting to give extra support to hamstrings, quadriceps, knee tendons, and hip flexors, especially when the temperature is on the cool side.

All these zones get a serious workout when running hard, on- or off-road. If you’ve tried compression before and felt the difference, you can reasonably be expected to get good to great results in pain reduction, fewer injuries, and faster recovery.

The Run Like a Girl all-girl sports team are sponsored by CW-X distributors Contour Sports. The team participated in the 2014 ELB Extreme Challenge to raise fund for St Vincent School for the Deaf.

Their comments on CW-X:

“The support web helped to maintain my posture when my muscles fatigued and the kit comes in great colours too!” Michelle Mee

“I’ve never run in specialised kit like this before.I was super comfortable in the tights and CW-X Compression socks whichhelped with my recovery as well as throughout the endurance event. I really thought I was going to take more strain but my legs were able to take the over load of the multi-day event. I was surprised at how quickly I recovered each time and was able to get out and run on each rotation.” Yolande Maclean

“The CW-X shorts give great support to the hips, hamstrings and quads. I found with the added support and compression I was able to run faster and at less effort as my body did not have to over compensate for any weak muscles.” Kirsty Standing


Price R1 150

Sizes S-L (XS and XL available on request)

Mass 232g

Colours Black/Light Purple/Purple (style 140806 pictured), Black


A: Support panels – 80% nylon and 20% Lycra®.

B: The thinner body of the tights is 80% Coolmax® polyester and 20% Lycra®

Available, the Natural Runner (Gauteng) and specialist dealers.


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