Bryton Amis S630R multisport GPS watch

Bryton Amis 630 GPSThe Bryton Amis S630R is a stylish and lightweight multisport watch. With an impressive appearance, it provides not only the functionality for sports but also the elegance to match outfits for every occasion.

The advanced notification feature through Bluetooth Smart technology* allows you to access the latest weather forecast and get notified if you receive a phone call. Upload and Share your activities with the Bryton Sport Mobile App, so that your friends are in the loop about your progress.

Whether it is outdoor swimming, cycling or running, Amis S630R provides you with the real-time stats, alerts, and training programs.

Included in the box are the Heart Rate Monitor, Bike Mount, and the Speed and Cadence Dual sensor.

With one simple click, the Bryton Amis S630R can be transitioned from one exercise to another during multisport or triathlon mode. It has a useful toolset features, such as the pace calculator, metronome, and stopwatch, make it a perfect training companion to help you achieve your goals. The pace calculator predicts the finish time of a race and provides suggestions on how to pace yourself. A built-in metronome helps train your stride rate and reduce the risk of being injured.

With its long battery life of 180 days in clock mode, 16 hours in exercise mode, this watch is ideal for prolonged sporting events and training sessions.

Achieve your training goals NOW!

Thabang Madiba and Jock Green on the Bryton Amis S630R

Thabang, winner of the Two Oceans Trail Run: “I have got the latest Bryton Amis S630R GPS Multisport watch. It is a stylish and lightweight multisport watch with Bluetooth Smart technology. I’m enjoying it.”

Jock, placed third at the 100km Ultra Trail Cape Town: “As an Ultra Runner, the greatest advantage of the Bryton Amis S630 is it’s ability to go the distance. 16 hours on full functionality has it working as hard as me on the trail.”

*Bluetooth Smart and WiFi-enabled mobile phone is required. Android 4.3+


Price R3 899


Mass 47g

Waterproof 30m

Bike Mount Included

Battery Life 16 hours in sport mode

Colours Green


Facebook BrytonSA


Thabang Madiba wearing Bryton Amis S630R

Thabang Madiba in full flight with the Bryton Amis S630R


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