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Nuzest Clean Lean Protein LP-RC 650pixelsIn mid-2014 I encountered Australian company NuZest’s Good Green Stuff for the first time, thanks to a reference from Dennis-Lee Stols, a fellow trail runner.

After testing it for a TRAIL magazine review over several weeks, I became increasingly impressed by the combination of its big list of nutrients available in powder form as well as its understated flavour. Being palatable, even pleasant, always helps encourage the average person to continue consuming something they know is good for them. All boxes checked!

The fine textured granular powder is dark green, somewhere between the colour of the skin of a nearly ripe avocado and its light olive flesh.

Its texture is not fluffy light like most protein powders, but neither is it as fine or dense as a carbohydrate drink powder.

The fact that its powdered makes it dead easy to take along on trips to ensure you’re getting your micronutrients, even if it means decanting from the 300g tub and putting a lesser quantity into a smaller sized container. Alternatively, you can purchase it (as well as NuZest Good Green Stuff) in single serve sachets.

Simply add the powder to water, juice or a smoothie, and you get the benefit of extracts from over 70 plants and many dozens of micronutrients.

That gives you some of the important nutrients you might miss if you don’t get your daily dose of raw and cooked greens.

But what about protein? We get that in our wholefoods on a daily basis, but sometimes we might need a little top-up, such as when travelling in junk food areas or working long hours with no real food options nearby.

Vegetarian gorilla cartoonAh, protein. You might have seen this cartoon. It always makes me smile. Luckily, not many elephants have not been asked this question – they are not as patient as gorillas (or vegan human beings).

Enter the Clean Lean Protein solution

The above question was answered while I tested Good Green Stuff.

I also got to test two tubs of NuZest’s Clean Lean Protein for approximately three months, especially after hard training sessions.

Clean Lean Protein is made from European Golden Pea, grown under strict controls in France and produced in Belgium. Pea protein is easily digested, high in protein, while low in sugar, fat, and carbohydrates.

Clean Lean Protein is free of animal products, gluten, dairy, peanuts, yeast, corn, and GMO additives. See ingredients.

Just like Good Green Stuff, it’s a smart and convenient way to make your nutrition mobile, consistent and manageable. To be quite fair, there are no reasons or excuses for bad nutrition, even when you’re travelling, if you plan ahead and take powdered nutrition along. Powders make it that much easier to plan properly. Single-serve sachets make it easy to plan properly and are simple to use.

Clean Lean Protein is tasty as a shake on its own with water or added to smoothies. It’s available in five flavours: cappuccino, chocolate, natural, strawberry, and vanilla. I tested vanilla and chocolate. My favourite was chocolate when taken on its own. The flavour is not very sweet, at least not compared to other choc-flavoured protein drinks I’ve consumed before. Vanilla was easier to add to smoothies that included bananas, spinach and other greens since its flavour was more subdued.

clean lean protein benefits chartKiwi naturopath, clinical nutritionist, mind-body therapist and strength coach Cliff Harvey calls it “The perfect alternative to whey, and the world’s most potent vegetable protein. It’s the only non-acidic protein available – an advantage for athletes and great for everyone.”

The non-acidic property as well as its 100% plant-based origins makes me like Clean Lean Protein even more. I’d use it purely for top-up protein when travelling with few good real food options around, or after long events in remote places, where meat and egg products seem to feature all-too-high on the post-race menu item. Haven’t the organisers seen the size of those gorillas yet?

Disclosure: The test tubs were samples but I’m buying from here on.

Ingredients See international site



Sales, distribution and dealer enquiries
Bridget Minnie
084 260 2147 (South African online sales launching soon) (international site)


Price for TRAIL and Go Multi readers

  • R395 for 500g tub and R710 for 1kg tub
  • 20g Single-serve sachets R215 for 10

(Pricing as at November 2014)


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