Non-Stop Wartrail Cocktail Recipe

Jess Crewdson and her father, Chris, participated in the 65km Skyrun, 130 km mountain bike, 65km canoe paddle Non-Stop Wartrail together on 22 and 23 March. This is Jess’s recipe for success.

Crewdson Non-Stop Wartrail 2015A classic twist from the original staged, three day event. Wartrail… but on steroids. No dossing. No comforts. Just non-stop epic-ness! Guaranteed to provide you with tons of war stories and blow your dinner guests’ minds at your next quaint cocktail party.

Prep time


You will need

  • 1x spoon of cement
  • some tissues
  • 2x legit seconds (preferably 1x mum for that extra bit of TLC plus 1x over-eager friend who is oblivious to the giant task ahead)
  • 1x running skoene, bike, and boat (don’t forget the buoyancy!)
  • 1x sense of humour (preferably one that never falters)


  1. Take a stunning, jaw-dropping, ma-jess-tic, 60km Skyrun along the Witteberge mountain range from Lady Grey to Balloch.
  2. Blend up with a gnarly 130km MTB leg.
  3. Note: Leg must consist of at least one mother of a hike-a-bike, a ton of uphills, and preferably little to no downhills. If you are feeling really brave, add a pinch of some railway track (the extra bumpy, slippery sort) just in case your butt cheeks have not been adequately tenderised in the prior 100km. For a naughty twist, chuck in some PVC piping on a single track section (at night) to dismount 1x Ugene Nel at pace.
  4. Once blended, add some fatigue and finish up with a 60km paddle down the mighty Orange River. Make sure it’s in flood.
  5. Serve ice-cold, on the rocks, with some thunderstorms and hail to give it that final bite.

All in all, one for the books! Highly recommended.

Non-Stop Wartrail Crewdsons and friends

Werner Vietze, Jessica Crewdson, Chris Crewdson, Tim Fey, and Pierre Jordaan in their Funky Pants, ready for an adventure.

Jess will be racing with South Africa’s all women AR team, Lunar Chicks, in Ireland August 2015.


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