Good results from South African runners at IAU Trail World Champs

Team South Africa ahead of the race in Annecy

Team South Africa ahead of the race in Annecy, with manager Altus Schreuder

The eight Team South Africa athletes participating in the IAU Trail World Champs in France on Saturday can be proud of their results on the gruelling 85km mountain course. With 5,300m of vertical elevation gain, the runners knew going in that this race would be anything other than easy.

K-Way athletes AJ Calitz and Nicolette Griffioen ran strong from the start to hold onto their positions and maintain consistent splits as they passed through the checkpoints on the course. At 28th and 24 positions respectively, Calitz and Griffioen were the highest placed male and female athletes in the South African team.

cover TRAIL 15 Nicolette Griffioen 300pixels

Nicolette Griffioen as featured on the cover of TRAIL magazine issue 15 by Erik Vermeulen, on shelves in June and part of July 2015.

“This was the toughest race I have ever done. I learned what a true mountain is today,” said 22-year old Griffioen shortly after finishing.

“I had an average first half and felt better in the second. And just as well because it was a killer! I’m very happy with this result from my first European race,” she added.



1. Sylvain COURT 8:15:45 (FRA)
2. Luis Alberto HERNANDO 8:19:05 (ESP)
3. Patrick BRINGER 8:21:45 (FRA)

Luis Hernandes (2) Sylvain Court (1) Patrick Bringer (3)

Exhausted but on top of the world. The fastest mountain runners on the planet on the day: Luis Hernandes (2), Sylvain Court (1), Patrick Bringer (3)


1. Nathalie MAUCLAIR 9:30:59 (FRA)
2. Caroline CHAVEROT 9:33:21 (FRA)
3. Maite Maiora ELIZONDO 9:39:36 (ESP)


Graeme McCallum world trail champs

Graeme McCallum making his way across an easier grassy section


28. Andre ‘AJ’ CALITZ¬† 9:42:00
56. Iain DON-WAUCHOPE 10:15:43
59. Jock GREEN 10:16:36
71. Eric NGUBANE 10:37:24
82. Graeme MCCALLUM 10:54:15


24. Nicolette GRIFFIOEN 11:28:57
63. Chantel NIENABER 13:39:51

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