Win a TomTom Runner 2 Cardio (enter before 30 July 2016)

Entries have closed to win TomTom’s brilliant Runner 2 Cardio.

The lucky TRAIL reader who wins the brilliantly easy to use TomTom Runner 2 Cardio GPS sports watch will be announced on Twitter on 2 August 2016.

It’s worth R4,999 and after testing it 24/7 for nearly two months, we can vouch for its effectiveness to motivate regular training, as well as regular movement to get at least 10,000 steps in daily. It stores up to 500 songs (3GB) so you have music on the go via the Bluetooth® headphones (yes, you’ll win those too!)

The TomTom Runner 2 even monitors how much sleep you’re getting! All while reading heartrate through your wrist, without those uncomfortable chest straps. What’s not to like?

Win the Runner 2 Cardio in TRAIL magazine’s 2016 Reader Survey!

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Here’s what we LOVE about the TomTom Runner 2 Cardio:

  1. It’s strapless. No more forgetting your chest strap. No more wasting 20 minutes looking for your chest strap that you washed yesterday but now cannot find. No more getting dud readings because your chest strap battery is on its last legs. No more chest strap, period. Hooray! Bye bye chest straps!
  2. The wrist strap is the best we’ve used – ever. It has three separate double pin mounts to ensure the strap doesn’t come undone, and remains flush. It’s click-click-click, and you’re good to go.
  3. It’s comfortable. Although it needs to fit close to the skin to read your heart rate, we were impressed by its comfort. This makes wearing it 24/7 an easy choice. Do note that it’s advisable to remove it before showering, simply to give your wrist and the back of the unit a good clean, and to prevent the Runner 2 bonding with your wrist and becoming part of you! It nearly happened to our tester…
  4. It’s super-light. The first Runner model weighed 62g. The Runner 2 weighs just 50g. It’s hard to believe it houses a GPS, as the width is now on par with regular heart rate monitors.
  5. It’s simple to use. No confusing buttons – no more is it the top right or the bottom right? The four-direction bezel is so easy to get the hang of:
  • Up for connecting to your Bluetooth headset
  • Down to access the setup functions (super-intuitive as well)
  • Left to access all your data (including sleep in the past 24 hours, steps taken, calories burned, distance covered, plus all of these in the last week too. We love this feature!)
  • Right to enter training mode. Once here, choose from eight modes: Running, Biking, Swimming, Treadmill running (no GPS), Indoor strength training, Indoor biking (no GPS), Walking/trekking/hiking, Stopwatch only.

Tomtom RUNNER 2 Cardio Scuba blue unit survey competition image t19 small 300pixelsNeed to access your info in low light? Simply cup your hand over the unit to turn. It’s super-efficient and turns off again after two seconds. Great to access the time during the night or see how much sleep you’ve had so far. (If you’re wondering, covering the unit with inanimate objects like clothing will not activate the light.)

Please read the competition rules first.

Having any technical problems with the survey? Email us.

Ready to do big stuff and maybe win this beast? Well, don’t just sit there, do the survey now!

The winner is drawn randomly so all we ask is for all questions to be responded to and your honest appraisal.

So good luck! We look forward to reading your unbiased answers to the questions.

Survey closes at midnight (SA time) on Saturday 30 July 2016.

Good luck!

The TRAIL team




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