Van Tonder and Marx in Warrior Mode ahead of OCR World Champs

Photo Cred: Be Snapped

Photo Be Snapped

In less than a month the world’s top OCR athletes will fight it out at the third OCR World Championships from 14-16 October 2016 at the Blue Mountain Resort, Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

Jeep Team athletes, Thomas van Tonder and Carina Marx, have qualified and are in full Warrior mode ahead of the champs.

Both Van Tonder and Marx were on fire at the recent Battlerush OCR fundraiser, a gruelling OCR Training event designed to push athletes through tough individual obstacles that may be seen at the World Champs; and both won the Savage Beast race at The Beast OCR event this past weekend.

Said Marx, “My OCR path started with my first Rookie (Jeep Warrior Race) two and a half years ago. It was love at first ‘mud’. I admired the Black Ops Elite ladies for their skills and toughness, even though they looked fairly soft on the outside. It was a dream and a goal of mine to get to that level. Two years later, I joined Jeep Team and selected for Team OCR South Africa, qualifying to take part at the OCR World Champs.

To have qualified for OCR World Champs, South Africans need to have achieved a Jeep Warrior Top 20 finish in an Elite category in their gender, or an Impi Challenge Top 20 finish in the Elite division in their gender.

Van Tonder, over in the past 12 months, has achieved three 1st places, six 2nd places, and one 5th place. Marx, over the same period, has achieved four 2ndplaces, four 3rd places and two 5th places. Both athletes are well qualified for the Championships but won’t know how they truly compare against the rest of the world until they are neck deep in mud in Ontario.

Photo Cred: BeSnapped

Photo BeSnapped

Said van Tonder: “The Beast 6 was one of the best courses of The Beast Series so far. In this event, I got to run the 5km route with #StandWithStan amputee after our race, an incredibly humbling experience and a reminder of how blessed we are to be able to do what we are doing. This takes my BEAST winning streak to all 6 events. I’m so amped for the World Champs next month.”

Team OCR South Africa

The OCR athletes selected for Team OCR South Africa to go to World Champs is Thomas van Tonder, Bradley Claase, Michael Joubert and Claude Eksteen (not going) for Men; and Hanneke Dannhauser, Carina Marx and Trish Bahlmann (not going) for Women.

Joining van Tonder and Marx in Canada, is fellow Jeep OCR athlete, JJ Deysel, who was not selected for the SA OCR Team, but will compete in other races over the Championship weekend.

According to the event organisers, the OCR World Championships will put the world’s top athletes through the ultimate physical and mental challenge across a series of obstacles over a distance of approximately 13km and will marry natural elements with some of the most challenging obstacles in OCR history.

While the course will share some of the same terrain and obstacles our team will be used to, a significant portion of the course and obstacles will be new to athletes and unveiled only on race weekend.

It is the first truly-independent global Championship for the burgeoning sport of Obstacle Course Racing. It is a singular event created to unify, promote, and increase participation in the sport of OCR, while celebrating its strong and highly-versatile athletes.


1ST – Carina Marx
2ND – Sabrina Daolio
3RD – Michelle Meyer

1ST – Thomas van Tonder
2ND – Greg Avierinos
3RD – Clive Edwards


3-km Scramble Course winners: Thomas Van Tonder, Carina Marx
Flying Monkey winners: Thomas Van Tonder, Michelle Meyer
Warped Wall winners: Thomas Van Tonder, Michelle Meyer
Spear Throw winners: Bradley Claase (new BR record 17.05m)
Grip Line winners: Thomas Van Tonder, Michelle Meyer
Devil’s Ladder winners: Marius Smit and Thomas Van Tonder

Keep up with the Jeep Team OCR action here: Jeep Team OCR Athletes




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