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Writers ahoy!

If you live to write, to be the change you want to see in the world, could be the perfect online outlet for your creative energies.

So what does a Go Multi writer look like? If you check most of these points, you’re very likely a strong candidate.

  • Interest and experience in the fitness, health and outdoor activities this website features.
  • Being well-connected in these will be to your advantage.
  • A passion for a healthy lifestyle and personal improvement.
  • Mature writer with experience in at least three of the main activities on this site. We’re looking for writers 30+ preferably.
  • Able to write in bright colour. That’s it, BRIGHT!
  • You need excellent communication skills in the English language, both writing and editing.
  • Strong work ethic.
  • Creative thinker. Constant reader. Incorrigible researcher.
  • Remuneration: based on skills and experience.
  • Full-or-part-time, based anywhere in South Africa.
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Then please email a short brief of your writing experience, preferably with a few recent articles you’ve written.






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About Go Multi

If you love fitness, the outdoors, good health, nutritious food, travelling to new and exciting destinations, then Go Multi is the site for you. Our slogan "Life's too short for one sport!" echoes what our readers already do or would like to learn to maximise their endurance, health, nutrition and longevity. We're a South African endurance fitness site with a global message: fitness is smart and health is the greatest wealth. Our articles and advertising partners help to educate, encourage, equip and enable our readers, subscribers and advertisers to maximise their lives through increased fitness, improved health, superior nutrition and best value for their money. We avoid producing or passing on empty commercial messages that don't contribute to their advancement. Our dedicated team produces and shares the very latest information for our readers to use in practical ways to enhance their daily lives. Everything we do, we do to produce better, fitter, longer and happier lives as well as giving our 100% to ensure our business is sustainable, ethical, fair and excellent in every respect.

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