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This passionate river paddler, full-time Maties MSc student and small business entrepreneur was runner-up at the 2011 Berg River Canoe Marathon. His motto: “The will to persevere is what makes the difference between failure and success.”

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K2 Pierre-Andre Rabie going down chuteg

A Freshman’s Guide to K2 Paddling

Kayaking Etiquette… Isn’t that an oxymoron? Change. It’s synonymous for any paddler due to the nature of our watercourses and comes standard with the time of the season. Whether you embrace or shun it, is irrelevant. How we react is what makes our sport so exhilarating, as every day on the water is unique. K2 paddling is very different to K1: the handling, turning and tactics. Adjusting to these differences however, is not easy. It […]

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