Trail Camp, Rhino Peak

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Trail Camp Mafadi 31Mar-2Apr2017

Trail Camps Mafadi Injisuthi issue 22 in 2017

Mountain Camp 2017

You’re invited to join the TRAIL magazine team running up and down Rhino Peak (3,050m) at our next Mountain Camp in the Drakensberg from 31 March to 2 April 2017.

Entries close Mon 13 March 2017.

Base camp: Riverlea Cottage, Underberg (see Accommodation below for more info).

Distance from Glenwood, Durban: 209km, 2h 30min.

Distance from Johannesburg: 583km, 5h 53min.

Cost: R3,250 (before 1 February 2017, thereafter R3,500) includes:

  • Accommodation at Riverlea Cottage, 10 minutes outside Underberg.
  • All meals, non-alcoholic beverages, trail nutrition, and snacks once you arrive, until lunch on Sunday prior to departure. All meals are 100% wholefood plant-based.
  • Run nutrition (healthy wholefood plant-based, but bring your favourite training foods along too if you want).
  • Guided run/hike to the top of Rhino Peak on Saturday. (Duration is approx 6 hours, from start to finish.)
  • Two night runs/hikes (Friday/Saturday).
  • Guided 3-5 hour run/hike on Sunday morning.
  • Injury assessments and group rehab session by an experienced biokineticist.
  • Warmup sessions and strength class by a qualified Pilates instructor.
  • Rhino Peak summit certificate (only for bookings before Friday 10 March 2017).
  • Trail Camp A3 certificate (only for bookings before Friday 10 March 2017).
  • Snakebite first aid booklet by Johan Marais
  • Three Nuzest Good Green Stuff sachets.
  • Draw for a 600g tub of Nuzest Clean Lean Protein worth R450.

Please note: All activities are weather permitting. Should inclement weather be experienced, a decision will be made based on the safety considerations.


Paid bookings before 31 January 2017 are at discounted R3,250 rate. Thereafter R3,500.

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Previous camp

  • 6-8 August 2016. The first day took three of the 10 participants to the top of breath-taking 3,051m-high Rhino Peak (21km out and back). Snow, winds, and icy trails made this an extreme one for the experience bank, as the remaining seven runners chose to turn back at two different points, just shy of the peak. Safety first!
  • Day 2 was on parts of the Giant’s Cup Trail (17km) to Pinnacle Rock from Cobham campsite. Our first Camp here was held 15-17 April 2016.

    More on Facebook.

Runner feedback

Thanks to the TRAIL team for such an inspiring weekend (15-17 April 2016). We learned heaps and so enjoyed engaging with the experts. The Rhino summit was very special for me and the best part of the whole weekend was the 4km home from the cave where it seemed to all come together… I absolutely loved running that section!
Shanon MacKenzie, Eston, KZN

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Why do them?

  • Experience incredible places in the safety of an experienced group of trail runners.
  • Learn and hone vital technical skills.
  • Develop stamina and speed.
  • Tweak your nutrition.
  • Boost your energy levels.
  • Make new friends.
  • Have serious fun!

Who should do them?

These quality weekend getaways are aimed mainly at intermediate to advanced trail runners who can already eat 15km+ offroad runs for breakfast, but want to take their trail running – and health/awareness/impact on the world – to a new level.

Not there yet? We will also cater for runners who still aspire to run 15km before breakfast, depending on group size. This will be done through a second group running a slower pace.

Frequent re-groups for tips and feedback are the order of the day.

You’ll gain new insights in everything from nutrition, to gear choices, to pacing, to mental techniques, to how to train for races.

Make 2016 the beginning of the best year of your life (yet).

See our April Mountain Camp photo album.

Email Deon for more info.

Want to know what you’ll do?

Check out the August 2016 itinerary:

Itinerary (use as a guideline for 2017)

Sat 6 Aug 2016
12pm Arrive, meet and greet, enjoy a welcome drink, settle into your rooms, then return wearing run kit (set 1) plus hydration pack for practical demo
12:30pm Introduce yourself, talk about your running background, chat about weekend and objectives
12:50pm Snack break
1pm Heloise: Talk about foot preparation. Hydration packs.
1:30pm Deon: Talk about kit, sun protection, altitude adaptation Deon Himalayan experience
2pm Short exploration around Coxhill Farm with full kit to tweak.
2:30pm Return, dress warmly, drinks, snacks
2:40pm CLASS: Stephan: Preventing injury class 1 of 2
3:40pm Siesta or chill (30min)
4:20pm CLASS: Tarryn Lopez strength-training class
5:20pm-6pm Supper at Coxhill (dhal)
6:10pm Prep for night walk, kit checks (set 1)
6:20pm OUTSIDE: Night walk, 30min
650pm Return, watch short films, showers, snacks
7:45pm MOVIE: Watch short films & first half of a full-length trail film
8:30pm Kit prep (done previous evening, using set 2 of your running kit)
8:45pm Turn in. Sunday is going to be a busy day!
Sun 7 Aug 2016
4am Wake, meditate/focus on what you love, and the BIG BEAUTIFUL day ahead!
4:30am Light pre-run meals (fruit, oats, toast)
5am Depart for Cobham to Pinnacle Rocks run
6am OUTSIDE: Start 16km run/hike with emphasis on technique. Teachers will assist one-on-one. Terrain: rocky, technical, flowing.
11:30am Arrive back at vehicles at Cobham, enjoy post-run smoothies/snacks at vehicles, then return for Coxhill
12:30pm Arrive back at Coxhill. Smoothies, lunch and re-hydration. Afterwards, swim, bath, shower, chill, rest those legs, siesta! (90min)
2pm CLASS: Slideshow: My Dad, the Sahara, and What I learned from running in the Himalayas by Deon Braun
2:55pm Short break (5min)
3pm CLASS: Stephan: Preventing injury class 2 of 2
3:55pm Short break (5min)
4pm CLASS: Practical demo: Making your own awesome run snacks by Heloise Marshall – rice cakes (made for Sunday run) and oat balls, to take home as padkos
5pm-6pm Supper
6:30pm Prep for night hike, kit checks (bring two lights). Heloise to demo GPX Viewer for Android phones
6:40pm-7:10pm OUTSIDE: Night hike, 30min (optional: if weather is good and everyone is keen). Set 3 of clothing or rough it
7:10pm Bath time, light stretching if you do that (30min)
7:45pm MOVIE: Watch second half of film watched last night. Healthy snacks. (60min)
8:45pm Turn in. Tomorrow is 6 hours of training, plus it’s Graduation Day!
Mon 8 Aug 2016
4am Wake, meditate, focus on what you love, and the BIG BEAUTIFUL day ahead!
4:15am-4:40am Pre-run meals as for Sunday
4:45am Leave for Garden Castle for Rhino Peak ascent.
5:45am Start 6 hour hike/run to top of Rhino Peak and back. Emphasis on moderate pace, and good foot control. Terrain: steep, technical, difficult.
12pm Arrive back at vehicles, quick protein shake drink, then leave for Coxhill
12:45pm Arrive back at Coxhill, smoothies, snacks, shower and chill
1pm Lunch and chat about what we learned this weekend. What were you better at than you expected?
1:30pm Graduation Ceremony: Congratulations to each graduate
1:45pm Depart for home. Bon voyage. Drive safe!
Matt Goode on the way to Rhino Peak, November 2015. photo Deon Braun

Giant’s Cup Trail Run co-founder Matt Goode on the way up, up, up and up to Rhino Peak during our recce there in November 2015. ph Deon Braun

The future

Want to know about future Trail Camps or suggest venues? Email Deon Braun /

Want more?

Consider doing our city-based Trail Clinics, held on part-day Saturday and Sundays.






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April 2, 2017 2:00 pm
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