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TRAIL magazine will not be available through posted print subscriptions until further notice. The SA Post Office has just not proved reliable in getting magazines to an unacceptably high number of subscribers, and delivery through freight will add at least R350 to annual subscriptions, nearly double the value of the subscription.

We debated and thought carefully for several months about making the best decision. The right one seems to be to curtail print subscriptions to new subscribers for the foreseeable future. Please scroll down to read more detail.

Current subscribers will not be affected at all. Your subscription will run to the end of its term. When that does happen, please support TRAIL magazine through purchasing it at your local newsstand? We’d greatly value that.

Want digital too? We don’t sell digital on this site. For digital purchases, please visit the digital newsstand of your choice:

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  2. Apple iTunes for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone).
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Prodigal Khumalo TRAIL magazine South Africa issue T27 cover

Prodigal Khumalo appears on the cover of TRAIL magazine issue 27, on sale from 26 March 2018.

TRAIL magazine subscription

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in a TRAIL magazine subscription.

You might or might not know, but we’ve offered print subscriptions since issue 1 back in 2011.

The support from the trail community has been phenomenal. We are deeply grateful to everyone who supports the magazine in this way!

However, there are challenges with print subscriptions, and returned copies from the Post Office is one of them. We have become frustrated by the apparent lack of job ethics and pride in doing a job well we’ve got the SA Post Office.

The majority of the employees we connect with are good, kind, and caring people, but it takes just a few staff who are not with the programme to break the system.

Although we verify postal details with subscribers after they’ve subscribed, posted magazines to subscribers still return to us, even though the addresses were correct.

This results in frustration for a percentage of subscribers – and us.

Our goal is to delight our readers, by producing world-class editorial. We want TRAIL to be a vehicle to give you insights into the possibilities of a great life as a trail runner. We want your life to be filled with joy, health, and abundance of the things that matter (family, friends, experiences).

We don’t want people being upset because their mags are not arriving on time, or not arriving at all. Life’s too short for stress and unpleasantness like this.

These delays in receiving magazines also affect us, with lost productivity, since mags have to be reposted, and at our cost.

Other options? Freight delivery will add at least R350 to annual subscriptions, nearly double the value of the subscription, and also increase our administration costs and time commitment significantly.

The TRAIL team is two people, and we make excellent value to our advertisers and readers possible for this reason. Administration of subscriptions is not our calling in life: producing useful content is.

So we ask that you please continue to support us through purchasing TRAIL from the newsstand, unless you’re an existing subscriber. In that case, your magazine will continue to be posted to you until it completes.

We debated and thought carefully for several months about making the best decision. The right one seems to be to curtail print subscriptions to new subscribers for the foreseeable future.

Current subscribers will not be affected at all. Your subscription will run to the end of its term.

I hope you do understand, and that you will seek out TRAIL from your local newsstand.

If you cannot find TRAIL in a store you support, please feel free to email our RNA distribution manager Caitlin Starkey. She will let you know whether that store has run out of stock or doesn’t stock TRAIL, or whether there is a nearby store that does stock it.

Please note: Apart from specialist independent sports stores, TRAIL is sold in these chain stores at present only:

  • CNA
  • Exclusive Books
  • Pick n Pay
  • Spar

Branches often have listing autonomy and may elect not to list titles that don’t suit their customer demographic, but they often will list new titles if customers request, so there’s no harm in asking the store manager if you can’t find TRAIL on their shelves!

Where you won’t find TRAIL

TRAIL is not currently sold in Checkers, Dis-chem, Game, OK, or Woolworths stores, so please don’t request Caitlin to supply them.

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Current subscriber FAQs

When will I get my mag?

Subscriptions were posted from Cape Town on 23 March 2018, so please give issue 27 until 15 April 2018 to reach you if you live in Gauteng or KwaZulu-Natal, and other outlying provinces.

My mag has not arrived. What do I do?

If you’re an existing subscriber and do not receive your issue 27 magazine by 15 April 2018 (issue 27 is on newwstands from 26 March 2018), please email so we can correct any potential problems as quickly as possible.

Please don’t do the following:

  • Leave it for a year (as some have done), and then ask for something to be done about several issue non-deliveries. 
  • Go to the store and buy a replacement. Rather email us to let us know within two weeks of you being informed by our mass Trail Mail email that it was sent out.

If you stick to the above guidelines, we can check we sent to the correct address, and also send you a replacement. You won’t get an extension if you go to the store and buy a copy you should have received as part of your subscription.

*This only applies to issues where you choose the existing issue, not a pending issue.

How many issues do I have left?

Final issue flysheet TRAIL magazine postedWhen you receive your second and subsequent issues, you’ll notice a Remaining Issues section on the flysheet that is on the outside facing side of your envelope. When your subscription reaches the ends of its term, it will be indicated by a FINAL on your flysheet, see sample attached. Please continue supporting us by buying the mag on the newsstand.

I have delivery issues. Should I use my street address or a PO Box?

Please provide a PO Box address where possible. There was a time during the 2014 postal strike when the best delivery method was hand-deliveries to street addresses, but now a PO Box is more reliable.

TRAIL readers say…

  • How can you not get a five star review? It’s clear when you page through this magazine that a lot of attention to detail is put into it. Justin Dearham, 22 Jan 2018.
  • Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome. Nico Loubser, 18 Jan 2018
  • Absolutely awesome magazine. And really a magazine “for the people by the people”. Sounds like a cliche but it isn’t really as I’ve seen Deon and other Trail Mag peeps at the races I’ve run, hundreds of kilos away from their home base, covering the events with much gusto! Johan Britz, 18 Jan 2018
  • I love the current edition of the mag (I purchased issue 17 for Mark)… I was very reluctant to post it! Well done on a really fabulous, gritty, informative, appealing publication that caters for all levels of trail runners.
    Thanks again, Mandy Uys, East London 5 stars rating
  • After subscribing I was worried that the transaction didn’t go through properly – and that it was processed too late for me to receive the Salomon trail running DVD. I sent one simple email and I got the speediest reply ensuring me that the mags and the DVD was on its way. Even got a Dirty Boots adventure booklet and a pen. Great service for a great mag! Can’t wait for the next one… Thanks again for sorting it out so quickly! You guys are on fire. Marike du Plessis 5 stars rating
  • I recently signed up for a one-year TRAIL subscription and have been so impressed with the quality of the mag! Great articles and awesome service – even received a hand written note with my first mag!! Keep up the good work! B. Grieve  5 stars rating
  • I recently subscribed online for the Trail Magazine for myself and a friend. From the beginning of the subscription process, right up to the time I received my first issue with all the added goodies, it was pure pleasure. I made a little ooopsie with my subscription in that I did not submit both delivery addresses, but pronto whoohoo… I got an email and a call, in order to remedy the situation. A few days later, my first mag arrived. I was delighted!
    Thank you staff for being efficient and also super user friendly. Thank you too for all the informative articles. A road runner, I recently relocated from Johannesburg to Sabie where I am surrounded by forest, so trail became the more sensible option and your mag has made that change over so much easier. I am now equipped with my Salomon’s and my next step is to get my hydration kit. Your mag, with great articles and adverts, has really assisted me to know what I need and where to get it. Thank you and keep up the good work! Lyn  5 stars rating
  • “Got my TRAIL mag in the post yesterday. Awesome read, every page.” Stefan Kleynhans 5 stars rating
  • I LOVE your mag, it is such a contrast to ******. Duncan Moore 5 stars rating
  • “Charles loves your magazine – he almost cut short his holiday to get the latest edition which was sitting on his desk.” Linda, January 2017 5 stars rating

This subscription is covered by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Buy TRAIL on the newsstand

TRAIL retails for R55 on newsstands.

TRAIL is available at CNA, SPAR, Exclusive Books, Sportsmans Warehouse, Pick n Pay, and specialist sports retailers nationwide.

Digital? Four options are available for Android, Mac and Windows tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops (Mac & PC):

  1. Android via Google Play.
  2. IOS via Apple iTunes.
  3. for iPad, Android, iPhone, laptop and desktop devices.
  4. Magzter.

TRAIL magazine is published quarterly, so you get four issues in 12 months.

TRAIL Mail newsletter

When you subscribe to TRAIL magazine you will automatically be signed up to TRAIL Mail, the magazine’s email newsletter, sent monthly. Should you not wish to receive the newsletter please state so in the comments box before you pay for your order or unsubscribe once you receive your first edition.

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