Claude Eksteen, The Warrior Race 2017, #Warrior4 obstacle course racing, interview

Claude Eksteen blitzes his way to OCR World Champs

If there’s one word to describe Claude Eksteen on the obstacle course, it’s blitz. The 39-year old from KwaZulu-Natal is renowned for his ability to motor through the most technical trails that the local OCR scene has to offer. After successfully representing South Africa for 13 years on the international triathlon stage, Claude has competed against some of the world’s top multi discipline athletes. In pursuit of a new goal, he turned to the exhilarating sport […]

recovery, race recovery, endurance sport, stretching, mobility, cycling

Endurance race recovery – some valuable observations

It always fascinates me listening and watching our bodies recover from endurance events. There seems to be distinct differences in the abilities of athletes to […]
injury, overcoming injury, recovery, advice, rest, mental strengbth

Injury, the toughest race to win

Being injured is one of the most challenging forms of training an athlete can experience! No amount of training can prepare you for injury. From […]


knysna trail clinic banner 13 July 2017

Knysna Trail Clinic 2017

July 13, 2017

Knysna Trail Clinic 2017 Knysna Trail Clinic is a fun, powerful, and practical one-day trail running clinic to improve your training, nutrition, gear, technique, and […]

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    cape trail clinic group photo January 2016

    Gauteng Trail Clinic 2017

    July 29, 2017 – July 30, 2017

    Fun, powerful, practical trail running clinics in South Africa to improve your training, nutrition, gear, technique, and strength. Learn from top runners.

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    Cost (Rand): 2400


    Merrell Adventure Addicts, adventure racing, Knysna fires, news, Graham Bird

    Merrell withdraw from AR World Champs after Knysna fires

    When life gives you lemons, you make lemon pie, we all know that. When life sends the massive #KnysnaFires to destroy your home along with everything you own and burn down your pine plantations and livelihood, it can be difficult to find that pie recipe amidst the smouldering ashes. So we poked around and found another metaphor: The hardest/toughest/ finest steel is forged in the hottest fire.  And this, we feel, is much more applicable […]

    Podium position for South Africa at Expedition Africa

    Nevarest Jabberwock share their exciting journey to the podium at Expedition Africa 2017, with comments from navigator Cobus van Zyl. The true grit and perseverance […]

    South Africans take XTERRA Réunion by storm

    You’re probably hearing about XTERRA quite a bit this year, especially with the way South African athletes are putting our name on the map. Not […]

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