Stuart Marais Salomon Featherbed Trail run

Multisport lessons to live by

One of South Africa’s top multisporters, Stuart Marais, has plenty of experience in a number of different disciplines. His advice for athletes who are focusing on one sport, or multisports is invaluable. Stuart shares with you his top 10 tips for anyone looking to improve in multisports. I started doing multisport from a very young age. Growing up on a farm in the Eastern Cape, I suppose we were tough and did most things the hard […]

Underwater freestyle kicking

It’s all about the KKK

Ha! And you started reading this article with subversive sub-cultural racist groups in mind. It’s not the KKK you are thinking of. I ask myself […]

Should I follow the Caveman Diet?

A diet of berries, roots, nuts and the occasional hapless creature. Would you try it and would it make your life better? asks Durban-based dietitian […]


Giant’s Cup Trail Run co-founder Matt 'Ebeneezer' Goode on the way up, up, up and up to Rhino Peak, November 2015. photo Deon Braun

Mountain Camp: Giant’s Cup Trail & Rhino Peak

August 6, 2016 – August 8, 2016

Drakensberg Mountain Camp Develop your trail running skills, speed, and stamina, while experiencing seemingly endless singletrack trails, wildlife, scenery, and making new friends at TRAIL […]

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    Cost (Rand): 3695
    LoveTrail White Mountain 2016 full page ad 600 pixels

    LoveTrail White Mountain

    October 1, 2016

    While you’re at the chilled and wonderful White Mountain Acoustic Music Festival (you’ll need separate tickets), explore much further afield with LoveTrail White Mountain! Aside […]

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    TRAIL cover Lucky Miya issue 20

    What’s in TRAIL magazine issue 20?

    Get TRAIL 20 to learn how to pace your race, run on fat, rehabilitate your injured ankle, lower insulin, heal your feet, and make Bear Grylls’ quiche! Strengthen your running with five targeted exercises.

    TRAIL 19 cover Kerry-Ann Marshall

    What’s in TRAIL magazine issue 19?

    Get your dose of trails, advice, gear, and locations with TRAIL 19. This issue supplies what you need for a healthier, happier life outdoors. Achieve […]
    trail run aQuellé Hermannsburg Mudman 2016

    Hermannsburg Mudman 2016 report

    Mudman means teamwork An African proverb says: “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, it takes a school community to put on a […]

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